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Always Sorry
Dick bolted out of his desk as soon as the final bell of the day rang, whisking his backpack onto his shoulders as he exited the classroom. It had been some time since the day that had started with a beating and ended in his boyfriend's comforting embrace. His eye was back to normal and the cut on his cheek almost completely gone. He hadn't had a confrontation since then.
The young student rushed down the stairs, eager for a nice, smooth ride home and to avoid the troublesome bullies he'd managed to evade for the past few days. As he rounded the corner and headed out onto the well-groomed front yard, his eyes scanned for the familiar sleek black car to take him home. Instead he found a lanky red-head leaning up against one of the railings, lips curling into a smile as their eyes met. Dick couldn't keep his pace from quickening with excitement, astonished expression on his face, a smile of his own threatening to appear.
"Dude, what are you doing here?" he asked as soon as he got within
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How Do You Know?
Robin stood in front of his boyfriend Wally West's bedroom door, clutching the edge of his bright red pajama shirt tightly, biting his lower lip. He desperately wanted to go in, but not because he was feeling freaky that night, no. It was just one of those nights; a night where all the bad in your life hits you like a kick in the chest by an elephant, where you feel vulnerable and helpless, and you just want someone to hold you while you let it all out. He yearned to be enclosed in the wonderful embrace of his lover but he wondered to himself if Wally would try something more or shoo him away for disturbing his sleep. That was the last thing Robin wanted.
But finally he decided that what would happen would happen and pushed open the door. He made sure not to make too much noise, closing the door behind without  so much as a squeak. He quietly made his way over to the sleeping figure on the bed of his boyfriend. Robin took a moment to revel in the moment, enjoying watching the
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Wally sped towards Wayne Manor at top speed, feet pounding into the ground below him. He'd just gotten a call from Alfred, the butler asking him if he could come over because something was wrong with Dick. That was all he needed to hear. He hadn't even bothered putting the phone back onto its hook before rushing out the door, concern overtaking him. He reached his destination within seconds, grateful that the giant doors of the mansion were left wide open. He put on the brakes as saw Alfred standing at the bottom of the stairs leading to the bedrooms.
"What's wrong, Alfred? What happened?!" he asked the butler franctically.
"I don't really know, sir. Master Richard just came home wearing a big black coat and went up to his room, not saying a thing." Alfred's face fell with worry. "He's locked himself up in there and won't come down for anything-not even for food. Something's definitely happened to him but he won't talk to me. But maybe he'll talk to you."
Wally nodded, determination cl
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Cancerous: A Klaine fanfic ch2
  It's been a week, and while Burt and Carole forced him to go back to school to atleast get his absent work, he's been over everyday. Sometimes he sleeps over and leave for school the next morning, only to come back with different cards.
  Tina's mainly the one who gives him cards, but Brittnay has given him one of her favorite stuffed animals that sits adorably on his night table next to the cards and flowers he receives.
  Everytime someone sends something home with Blaine Kurt laughs and jokes that he's not dying.
  Blaine can't help It when he thinks not yet, and then he feels really guilty and has to hug Kurt and tell him he loves him.
  When Blaine gets back to the Hummels, Kurt is normally sleeping: on the couch, in his room, once he was even at his desk.
  Carole likes to steal Blaine whenever Kurt's sleeping and have him help with dinner. He doesn't min
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Dick stopped mid-step as he entered his roomy bedroom, ice-cold glass of lemonade frozen to his palm, bright blue eyes glued to the sight before him. Wally West was passed out on his floor with no shirt on, sleeping as peacefully as a baby. The teen looked all too comfortable down there, limbs sprawled about in ways Dick didn't even think were possible. He just stood there and watched him, still unsure of what to do. Then a familiar voice calling up to him from the bottom of the stairs snapped him back to reality.
Oh shit, Bruce.
"I'm coming upstairs! We need to have a little talk. Hide whatever you don't want me to see." The slight chuckle in the older man's voice said it as a guy-to-guy joke but to Dick that meant life or death, especially after that shirt fiasco a few weeks earlier. He practically threw his drink onto his night stand before rushing over and trying to wake his sleeping lover.
"Rrrrgh! Come on, Wally! You have to wake up!" he half-whispered half-shouted
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Little Devil
Dick Grayson was probably going to get killed for this later but at that moment he didn't really care. Bruce had given him and his boyfriend Wally some more freedom but that probably didn't include sleeping in the same bed, him with only a too-big shirt and his partner wearing only pants. The Boy Wonder had been allowed to have a sleepover at Wally's place with Barry supervising and being the boys they were, a food fight broke out a mere two hours after he'd gotten there. This wouldn't have been a problem if Dick's spare clothes hadn't been caught in the crossfire. They were currently in the washer and Barry had been the one to suggest borrowing some of Wally's clothes. When it was time for bed (translation: Wally got sleepy), Dick had merely slipped off the too-big shorts and settled for the giant black T-shirt that read "Little Devil" in bright yellow letters as his nightwear. He'd hesitated about climbing into bed with the ginger but being the encouraging person he was, Uncle Barry
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zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz by essencestudios zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :iconessencestudios:essencestudios 31 69 I thought that you like dark places. by MissFreakyLuce I thought that you like dark places. :iconmissfreakyluce:MissFreakyLuce 53 17
Ouran- The First Day of Spring
The front door burst open.  It was an incredibly sudden thing.  Haruhi hadn't been expecting any visitors tonight, and Tamaki was supposed to be in class until 8:30.  She had been content to spend a quiet night in, taking notes from one of her legal textbooks.  Maybe she'd go pick up some ramen for dinner; tonight, she was in the mood for chicken.  Other than that, she didn't expect much of anything to happen.  Then she heard the banging of the door, sending her to her feet and her notebook and papers scattering to the floor.  She looked around for something to defend herself with, in case the person now running into the room was a burglar or worse.  Then, she heard a voice.
And she was no longer worried.
Tamaki was a flash of yellow and blue.  He ran into the room and grabbed her into a hug before she could speak.  His arms wrapped tightly around her waist constricted her breathing, and it didn't
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Request- ciel x elizabeth by BLEEDFan95 Request- ciel x elizabeth :iconbleedfan95:BLEEDFan95 65 24 1 by FightCake 1 :iconfightcake:FightCake 41 4 Zero: Shoot 'em Dead Kid by DMinorChrystalis Zero: Shoot 'em Dead Kid :icondminorchrystalis:DMinorChrystalis 71 8 Festival by Narusailor Festival :iconnarusailor:Narusailor 329 19 Super Mario Galaxy - Pg 26 by paratroopaCx Super Mario Galaxy - Pg 26 :iconparatroopacx:paratroopaCx 182 95
Lost brother I
There hadn´t been a storm so long ago.  Mario and Luigi were fighting, next to the cliff, on the outskirts of the kingdom, against half-dozen of koopas. The brawl was going good, the plumbers were winning. They were the only people on the place. When almost all the koopas were defeated, Luigi and two koopas were too close to the precipice, one of them hit Luigi too hard, making him lose his balance, and making him fall to the precipice. Mario saw the koopas getting away, the hit the koopas who he was fighting against him and he started to look for his brother.
Mario started to feel fear, when he heard his voice in the cliff.
-Here!! Mario!!
Mario ran to the edge of the precipice. He saw his brother hung to the edge with a hand.
-Don’t worry, bro, I get you.
Mario got Luigi hand, but when he was taking his hand, the edge of the cliff relented. Mario got to grab the edge with the other hand.
-Ok, Luigi, try to climb to the edge.
Luigi did what he’
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Rikuo has a Pokemon now by MeoMoc Rikuo has a Pokemon now :iconmeomoc:MeoMoc 70 14

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We're the ones part 1
We're the ones  part 1
(C)Cloey F Gibbs aka Cleochanstudio 2013
10/10/ 2013
We're the ones who decide when we rise and fall , the ones caught between the war of F.E.A.R and rebels shall and stay in the shadows I stand at the front of the army of rebels as their leader waiting and watching the F.E.A.R  race towards words of poison coming from their tongues , the rebels charge letting their shouts out of protest and for their fallen and remaining  brothers.
Those who hide in the shadows watch and some taken by the F.E.A.R I watch the fighting not really carrying to my surroundings until yells from the remaining rebels who've been taken  ,  our fallen brothers become the guiding angels to us they are our saviours and the returning ones we the ones who remain on the earth wish for freedom and for everything to be normal.
But normal can never happen to those who rebelled against the F.E.A.R , we are surviving on the fact our brothers have fallen and have been take b
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Thoughts by Cleochanstudio Thoughts :iconcleochanstudio:Cleochanstudio 0 4
Trying and realizing
                             Trying and realizing
                             (C)Cloey F. Gibbs
I'm now starting to realize i am starting to miss you when people
who know you bring you up.
So i am also guessing that being '
away from you is another reason for my
depression as well.
I'm trying to be stronger and
not break down in-front of all those who know you.
So why did you have to leave?
Is it because of me or the fact that we got into
so many fights that we could not resolve?
I am getting tired of your negativity and
bullshit of an attitude , hatred towards
you has grown.
My hatred towards you has grown since
you decided to leave and not keep in
Contact with me.
I feel hurt when those words come out of you mouth ,
"You idiot ". Those words hurt. I feel more neglected
around you.
Your patronizing words piercing through
my  heart,
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Pain from him
I have to choose a new  lead guitarist and back up vocalist,  for my band the, R.E.N.N. I.W, so far we have, done  a series of tests.
Three guys remain, their names  are, to my left Richard, center is Dan, to the right is Ryan.
"Richard, you showed great,  talent, but talent, isn't what we are looking for. I have to ask you to leave." says Cora.
"Thanks for the chance" says Richard, "You are welcome" says Cora.
Now it's between Ryan and Dan,   I walk up to them.
"You both have the same talent, but only one  of you, had made it into the group" says Cora,  "TELL US ALREADY!" yells Ryan.
"The person  I choose is, Dan.  You have a calm personality, you're ready whenever. Welcome to the group" says Cora.
"What, why him?" asks Ryan, "Ryan, you are short  tempered, you have no control, over how you act." says Cora.
I leave with Dan, "Night Cora"  he says, I wave bye.
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