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20 Seconds.
Frank Iero and Gerard Way lay sprawled out on their backs in the trunk of Gerard's truck, staring up at the pollution fogged night sky.
"Jesus, Manhattan fucking wrecks the sky, huh," Frank said absently, hands behind his head.
Gerard glanced over at him, then nodded. "Yeah. But it's kinda nice, in a way."
Frank spectacularly eyerolled his gaze to Gerard's face. "The pollution is nice? How so?"
"Well, you know. It's...familiar. I mean, it would be great and all if the world was clean and healthy and New York didn't spew its shit into the sky all the time, but as it is, it's okay. It's what I've always known, I guess." He didn't meet Frank's gaze, just chewed his lip and swallowed nervously.
"Well, sure," Frank said quietly after a pause, "but didn't you ever like...want something different from usual? Out of the ordinary?"
Gerard was silent, then, "Not really. I like being normal."
Frank stared at him. "Says the boy who draws hordes of zombie unicorns disemboweling his enemies,
:iconkilljoyatheart:KilljoyAtHeart 93 74
B(r)atty Wally x Dick by xiaa B(r)atty Wally x Dick :iconxiaa:xiaa 728 94 Chuu! by Sukihi Chuu! :iconsukihi:Sukihi 742 57
Forgotten- Kaoru Hitachiin Oneshot
Is there a right way for how this goes?
You've got your friends
And you've got your foes
They want a piece of something hot
Forget your name like they forgot

     "My name is Kaoru Hitachiin; Not Hikaru, Kaoru. You probably don't care either way." I sigh depressingly. "My friends have seemed to move on, even my dear twin brother has seemed to left me behind in the shadows."
Ain't that something
Some wanna see you crash and burn
Criticize your every word
I'm trying to keep from going insane
Ain't that the way of this whole damn thing

     "Nobody is here. Milord (Tamaki) ended up winning the heart of Haruhi. I had sacrificed so much because of that situation, I did it for Hikaru's sake. In the end I didn't help. Hikaru was left heartbroken and I didn't know how to react at all. I wanted to help my brother. . the one person that meant the entire universe to me. . As for the rest of the Host Club, Kyoya was always on some business trip. He did
:iconiw0uldbesohappy:IW0uldBeSoHappy 54 13
Date Night Chapter 1
I wave Alfred goodbye as I head off to Wally's house. He invited me over for a date since his parents were out of town. We had lots of dates before but I hadn't been this nervous since our first date. I guess it was because we'd be alone in his house. I’d been to his house lots of times before, but we’ve never been…alone. I looked down at myself before knocking on the door. I checked to make sure the clothes were straight. I wore black jeans, a red shirt, red Converse and a black blazer with the sleeves rolled up to my elbows. I decided to go casual but still sexy.
I take in a deep breath and knock on Wally's door. A millisecond later my speedster is standing in front of me. He smiles as he looks down at me. He is wearing blue jeans, a white shirt, and a striped collared shirt that he left open and rolled the sleeves up to his elbows. "You look beyond sexy tonight," He smirks and gives me a quick kiss before inviting me in.
"Well I wanted to look good for you."
:iconnightwingluv:nightwingluv 30 7
He drags the blade through his skin
and tells himself he’s not hungry
when he hasn’t eaten in weeks.
He ignores the cry of pain
that shouts in his minds as the blood pools
and focuses on relief
when the burning hunger goes away.
He brings the flame of the lighter
across his skin
and tenses his muscles
because the pain grows and grows,
but his thoughts fade and fade.
His stomach growls,
and he cries, begs, for it to stop.
He can’t eat,
he wants to be skinny.
He wants to be good enough.
His blood dries.
His skin cools.
But he’s just as hopeless as before.
:iconkattklb101:kattklb101 3 2
Point of View Ciel X Disabled Reader Part 1
       “Master Ciel, would you mind waiting for me here for just a moment. I need to pick up a few things for tonight’s meal. I have a feeling we'll be needing a bit more than usual.” Sebastian smiled down at Ciel. “I promise it  will just be a moment.”
“Fine, but make it quick. I don't wish to miss my tea time.” Waving Sebastian off, Ciel sat down on a nearby bench to wait. Loud laughter could be heard from where Ciel was sitting. The sound annoyed him quite a lot. Wanting to see what all the commotion was about, he stood to his feet and walked in the direction of the noise. A large group of people were gathered around something, or someone. “What's all the noise about?” As soon as the group of people saw Ciel, they made a run for it, figuring they were in some sort of trouble.
Why if it isn't Master Ciel Phantomhive. I'm sorry about that. It's my fault they were being so obnoxious.” You smiled up at Ciel.
“O-oh, that's
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 456 60
Slide Show
 The music in the background was fitting: sad, mellow, soft.
 Dick sat in the front row, tux fit perfectly and his bow tie crooked. He sat stiff, ridged, hair falling over his sunglasses-covered-eyes to hide the pain he felt.
 He was aware of the sobs echoing around him, of the pained cries, but he refused to acknowledge them. He refused to cry.
 Next to him Artemis cried into a makeup stained tissue, her messy hair in her face. Her distress was obvious to everyone gathered in the room. Her shoulders shook violently, and even with M’gaan’s arm around her shoulder, she could not be comforted.
 Bart sat next to him, fighting back his own tears but letting a few slip down his cheeks. His eyes were almost stained red from all the crying he had done the night it happened.
 Kaldur caught his eye from next to M’gaan, offering him a brief nos before turning his head back to the front of the room.
:iconkattklb101:kattklb101 15 56
Blood Brothers Prologue: Hikaru x Kaoru
The night is rather dark and gloomy, eerie mist tainting throughout the area; A howling wind blows through the crisp cold air as heavy droplets of rain poured down to smack against both the ground and the palish skin of a teenage boy. Why is this boy running you ask? If you looked close enough, you would be able to catch the determination seeming to radiate out his golden-brown coloured optics. This boy was in search of something; /Someone/. 
"Hik.." Inhale. "Ar.." Exhale. "Ru.." The boy tried to call out into the darkness while fighting the harsh pain in his throat. It felt like it had been set on fire from how horrible it ached. He couldn't speak clearly or yell for that matter. Something in his gut told him that the person he was searching for was in deep danger. The boy needed to find the other before it grew too late.
Just when he thought he was about to lose all hope and pass out from exhaustion; He finds the person he was searching for. This person is identical to the boy;
:iconiw0uldbesohappy:IW0uldBeSoHappy 15 2
Eren Jaeger / Shingeki no Kyojin by Taimuaki Eren Jaeger / Shingeki no Kyojin :icontaimuaki:Taimuaki 136 3
Cancerous: A Klaine fic ch5
 The hospital lights and bed are really starting to annoy Kurt, and the fact that he has to stay in such an unflattering hospital gown pisses him off. He has an image to maintain, and cancer or not, he plans to keep it.
 Maybe he’s more pissed off at the fact that he has cancer, but he refuses to think about it.
 He has dreams, and he was finally making them come true. He was finally where he needed to be, and then by some ungodly fate cancer hit him.
 It wasn’t fair. Nothing was ever fair, and that pissed him off.
 Blaine gives him a look from where he’s sitting in the chair beside him, doing his homework. “Stop thinking,” he says casually, finishing copying down a math problem. “You keep over-thinking.”
 “I can’t help it,” Kurt crosses his arms, huffing in the bed. “I’m in this stupid bed in this stupid room all fucking day with nothing to do but th
:iconkattklb101:kattklb101 6 6
One egg, two flowers by tomgirl227 One egg, two flowers :icontomgirl227:tomgirl227 60 29
My Everything
A wave of confusion washed over Dick as M'gann instructed him to close his eyes and remove his glasses. Dick hesitated then did so once M'gann promised him she'd do everything from behind so she'd never see his face. Shortly after Dick felt silk rub against his skin as M'gann wrapped a red silk ribbon over his eyes, robbing him of his sight. M'gann giggled as she tied the ribbon in place. "What's going on Megan?" Dick asked as he was robbed of his vision.
"You'll have to wait and find out. Wally just asked me to do this." M'gann grabbed Dick's arm and led him outside. She gently guided him along a path of sand as they walked from the cave to the beach. The sand was warm between their toes, the air was cool as the sun set and the breeze carried moister from the sea. M'gann giggled excitedly as she grabbed Dick's shoulders and pulled him to a halt. "He's all yours Wally," She then floated off back towards the cave.
Wally walked over and gave Dick a short, passionate kiss. He then took th
:iconnightwingluv:nightwingluv 27 9
Alone in his room
 His room was littered with empty coke cans and pizza boxes, half-eaten granola bars, and half-filled soda bottles. Dirty or clean laundry –it was hard to tell sometimes- piled out of his laundry basket.
 At first he found the state of the speedsters room utterly repulsive. He refused to leave his trash around or let his clothes lay on his floor. Everytime he was over he got up and threw away all his trash and folded his clothes before placing them on the desk.
 After the eleventh or so time he was over he let himself toss a candy wrapper onto his floor without noticing. Wally clapped loudly and spilled his drink, when he ended up cleaning after much arguing about ants.
 By the time they started dating, he was used to the mess. He almost found it endearing.
 The two spent a lot of time in Wally’s messy room, munching on snacks or cuddling or doing homework. Wally lways dressed so neatly that sometimes it was hard to belie
:iconkattklb101:kattklb101 38 33
That's a Wrap! by xiaa That's a Wrap! :iconxiaa:xiaa 47 16 Young Justice - Wally x Dick everything by Cloud-Kitsune Young Justice - Wally x Dick everything :iconcloud-kitsune:Cloud-Kitsune 288 70

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when i gave by Cleochanstudio when i gave :iconcleochanstudio:Cleochanstudio 0 0 heading away by Cleochanstudio heading away :iconcleochanstudio:Cleochanstudio 1 0 we left by Cleochanstudio we left :iconcleochanstudio:Cleochanstudio 3 0 Staring at you by Cleochanstudio Staring at you :iconcleochanstudio:Cleochanstudio 0 0 on the ground and writhing away by Cleochanstudio on the ground and writhing away :iconcleochanstudio:Cleochanstudio 2 0 orange moon by Cleochanstudio orange moon :iconcleochanstudio:Cleochanstudio 0 0 imprint by Cleochanstudio imprint :iconcleochanstudio:Cleochanstudio 0 0 Flags by Cleochanstudio Flags :iconcleochanstudio:Cleochanstudio 0 0 morning moon by Cleochanstudio morning moon :iconcleochanstudio:Cleochanstudio 0 0 yellow flower by Cleochanstudio yellow flower :iconcleochanstudio:Cleochanstudio 1 0 try to by Cleochanstudio try to :iconcleochanstudio:Cleochanstudio 0 0 music does help by Cleochanstudio music does help :iconcleochanstudio:Cleochanstudio 0 0
We're the ones part 1
We're the ones  part 1
(C)Cloey F Gibbs aka Cleochanstudio 2013
10/10/ 2013
We're the ones who decide when we rise and fall , the ones caught between the war of F.E.A.R and rebels shall and stay in the shadows I stand at the front of the army of rebels as their leader waiting and watching the F.E.A.R  race towards words of poison coming from their tongues , the rebels charge letting their shouts out of protest and for their fallen and remaining  brothers.
Those who hide in the shadows watch and some taken by the F.E.A.R I watch the fighting not really carrying to my surroundings until yells from the remaining rebels who've been taken  ,  our fallen brothers become the guiding angels to us they are our saviours and the returning ones we the ones who remain on the earth wish for freedom and for everything to be normal.
But normal can never happen to those who rebelled against the F.E.A.R , we are surviving on the fact our brothers have fallen and have been take b
:iconcleochanstudio:Cleochanstudio 2 0
Thoughts by Cleochanstudio Thoughts :iconcleochanstudio:Cleochanstudio 0 4
Trying and realizing
                             Trying and realizing
                             (C)Cloey F. Gibbs
I'm now starting to realize i am starting to miss you when people
who know you bring you up.
So i am also guessing that being '
away from you is another reason for my
depression as well.
I'm trying to be stronger and
not break down in-front of all those who know you.
So why did you have to leave?
Is it because of me or the fact that we got into
so many fights that we could not resolve?
I am getting tired of your negativity and
bullshit of an attitude , hatred towards
you has grown.
My hatred towards you has grown since
you decided to leave and not keep in
Contact with me.
I feel hurt when those words come out of you mouth ,
"You idiot ". Those words hurt. I feel more neglected
around you.
Your patronizing words piercing through
my  heart,
:iconcleochanstudio:Cleochanstudio 0 6
Pain from him
I have to choose a new  lead guitarist and back up vocalist,  for my band the, R.E.N.N. I.W, so far we have, done  a series of tests.
Three guys remain, their names  are, to my left Richard, center is Dan, to the right is Ryan.
"Richard, you showed great,  talent, but talent, isn't what we are looking for. I have to ask you to leave." says Cora.
"Thanks for the chance" says Richard, "You are welcome" says Cora.
Now it's between Ryan and Dan,   I walk up to them.
"You both have the same talent, but only one  of you, had made it into the group" says Cora,  "TELL US ALREADY!" yells Ryan.
"The person  I choose is, Dan.  You have a calm personality, you're ready whenever. Welcome to the group" says Cora.
"What, why him?" asks Ryan, "Ryan, you are short  tempered, you have no control, over how you act." says Cora.
I leave with Dan, "Night Cora"  he says, I wave bye.
:iconcleochanstudio:Cleochanstudio 0 0


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